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Carpet Cleaning

Expert & careful carpet cleaning for your home or office

Breeze Carpet Cleaning are professional carpet cleaners who service the Greater Sunshine Coast. Our qualified team offer a carpet cleaning service that's second to none! We only use the best methods to clean your carpets including: using a special power head to vacuum your carpets (if necessary) which removes up to 75% of the non-soluble grit particles in your carpet pre-spraying any heavily soiled areas to lift dirt and dissolve stains utilising a deodorising product on your carpet during a high pressure clean and vacuum that leaves your carpet fresh, clean and smelling great!

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning

Our expert upholstery cleaning technicians use the power of steam to get your fabrics looking like new. A lot of people have contacted us over the years thinking that their lounge suite was on its last legs because it was so dirty or stained. They have been pleasantly surprised to find that their furniture has many more years of life once their upholstery has been cleaned.

Tile, Grout and Hard Floor Cleaning Service

The experts at Breeze Carpet Cleaning will determine what type of floor or stone you have in your home to ensure we use the correct professional procedure to properly clean your tile and grout and restore your floor. When cleaning your tiles and grout, all the products are child, pet and eco-friendly. Our cleaning solutions are designed to penetrate the tile and grout surface soil to ensure we remove the marks from your hard floors. The professional Breeze Carpet Cleaning will liberally apply the tile and grout cleaning solution to all the hard floor areas of your home. The strong vacuum suction system used by Breeze Carpet Cleaning removes the moisture, leaving the tiles, grouts and whole hard floor in a clean, shiny and dry condition.

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